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Redwood Trees

Did you know that all our cups, boxes, utensils, and even the cleaning products we use are environmentally friendly? We use all compostable products, that turn into compost in a short period of time. Our boxes come from recycled materials, and we encourage you to recycle them when you are done using them!

All Wholesome, Real, Simple Ingredients!

We believe that the earth gives us the best, and do not need to alter it in anyway. Our ingredients come from sustainable, high quality sources. We always buy non-GMO, unbleached, and free-range ingredients. We also always use naturally sweet, free-range butter and free range eggs.

Mother’s Day is Right Around the Corner!

Looking for an appropriate Mother’s Day gift? Moms love cookies, so come by and get her favorites!

Kanelbullar: Swedish Cinnamon Buns

Kanelbullar Swedish Buns

We have them out again this weekend, and we’d like you to get a taste of them before they are gone!

Limited Edition: Get them before they run out!

Kanelbullar: Swedish Cinnamon Buns

In celebration of spring, we are introducing Kanelbullar. Kanelbullar is a traditional Swedish cinnamon bun that is made with care, love and a perfect blend of cinnamon and sugar. They are then tied into a knot, in the traditional Swedish way. They are perfect for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or just as a dessert after dinner! Hurry and come get them at our location, because they are limited edition, and once they are gone, they might not be back for a while.

Kanelbullar Swedish Buns

Muffin tops

Have you had any of our muffin tops? If you haven’t, you are definitely missing out. We’ve crafted our recipe over the years to create the perfect muffin top. What is a muffin top, you ask? A muffin top is the best part of the muffin. It is the top part, that has slightly browned edges, and is covered in delicious topping. If you’d like to check our muffin top schedule, check last week’s blog post.

Muffin Tops

We love fulfilling your orders!

If you order your cookies ahead of time, we have a chance to specially bake your order for you. You can order by calling (916) 771-2798 or by clicking here.

Catering Orders

Our sale is still going on!

Sale! Cookies Starting $2.99

Thanks for your feedback!

We appreciate you leaving your opinions on our survey last week! We are listening, and we will be taking your thoughts into consideration.

Sale! Gourmet Cookies Starting at $2.99!

We are celebrating April with our great cookie sale!

Sale! Cookies Starting $2.99This is also a great chance to order cookies for your Easter brunch or party! You can put your orders in now, and they will be ready for pickup on the date of your choice! Hurry and take advantage of this sale, before it ends at the end of the month! 

Easter Bunny Cookies









Aren’t these cookies just so adorable? You can definitely get these for your Easter party! Kids and adults will absolutely love them. If you would like to order these, please call your order in (916)771-2798.


We value your opinion, and we would like you to share it. Click here to fill out our survey, so you can get our gourmet chocolate chip cookie for $1.99. 

Discounts for a whole month?

Yes, this is not an April Fools joke. We have discounts on all of our cookies for the whole month of April. You need to come in and check out our great prices for this month!

Another secret we think you need to know: Our cookies are all buy 6 get 1 free!

Which muffin top will we have today?

Instead of relying on telepathy to tell you what muffin top we will have, we are introducing our muffin top schedule! Now you can come in and get your favorite muffin tops. Tell us which is your favorite muffin top by clicking on the schedule below!

Muffin Top Schedule

Which muffin tops will we have today?

This schedule has officially started!

Easter is almost here!

It's Easter!

Easter eggs and cookies

Are you excited? We definitely are! And we’d love to be at your Easter brunch or party. Just call us or place an order on our website! You can definitely order in advance and pick it up on the morning of your activity.