Discounts for a whole month?

Yes, this is not an April Fools joke. We have discounts on all of our cookies for the whole month of April. You need to come in and check out our great prices for this month!

Another secret we think you need to know: Our cookies are all buy 6 get 1 free!

Which muffin top will we have today?

Instead of relying on telepathy to tell you what muffin top we will have, we are introducing our muffin top schedule! Now you can come in and get your favorite muffin tops. Tell us which is your favorite muffin top by clicking on the schedule below!

Muffin Top Schedule

Which muffin tops will we have today?

This schedule has officially started!

Easter is almost here!

It's Easter!

Easter eggs and cookies

Are you excited? We definitely are! And we’d love to be at your Easter brunch or party. Just call us or place an order on our website! You can definitely order in advance and pick it up on the morning of your activity.

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