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Kanelbullar: Swedish Cinnamon Buns

In celebration of spring, we are introducing Kanelbullar. Kanelbullar is a traditional Swedish cinnamon bun that is made with care, love and a perfect blend of cinnamon and sugar. They are then tied into a knot, in the traditional Swedish way. They are perfect for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or just as a dessert after dinner! Hurry and come get them at our location, because they are limited edition, and once they are gone, they might not be back for a while.

Kanelbullar Swedish Buns

Muffin tops

Have you had any of our muffin tops? If you haven’t, you are definitely missing out. We’ve crafted our recipe over the years to create the perfect muffin top. What is a muffin top, you ask? A muffin top is the best part of the muffin. It is the top part, that has slightly browned edges, and is covered in delicious topping. If you’d like to check our muffin top schedule, check last week’s blog post.

Muffin Tops

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