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Redwood Trees

Did you know that all our cups, boxes, utensils, and even the cleaning products we use are environmentally friendly? We use all compostable products, that turn into compost in a short period of time. Our boxes come from recycled materials, and we encourage you to recycle them when you are done using them!

All Wholesome, Real, Simple Ingredients!

We believe that the earth gives us the best, and do not need to alter it in anyway. Our ingredients come from sustainable, high quality sources. We always buy non-GMO, unbleached, and free-range ingredients. We also always use naturally sweet, free-range butter and free range eggs.

Mother’s Day is Right Around the Corner!

Looking for an appropriate Mother’s Day gift? Moms love cookies, so come by and get her favorites!

Kanelbullar: Swedish Cinnamon Buns

Kanelbullar Swedish Buns

We have them out again this weekend, and we’d like you to get a taste of them before they are gone!


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