About Us

A yummy cookie for every one!

We, as the masterminds behind The Yummy Cookie are always on the lookout for natural foods. No preservatives, no hydrogenated oils, no high fructose corn syrup, and no weird ingredients. We also love to seek passion in products, especially when they are crafted and created to precisely balanced perfection. We saw a gap in the market when we couldn’t find cookies that were made with just simple ingredients, so we worked to create a list of products that are not only natural, but show off the true flavors of the elements that they are made from. Each product is perfectly balanced and wonderfully flavorful all at once. We want to share what we have created, from fresh and high quality ingredients with you, so we have dedicated ourselves to making sure our products are the most yummy products on the market. We are always proud to say that our products are Naturally Yummy.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer our customers the yummiest, best quality bakery goods, made from the best ingredients. We have made it our mission to source ingredients from environmentally conscious sources. We have also made it our vision to leave as little negative impact as possible on the world and the environment around us.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the go-to place for high quality cookies around the world, while improving the environment for everyone involved in the process, from employees to farmers.

Sourcing Local

Luckily, we are in Northern California, where most of our ingredients are easily available. We like to support local business and local farms. We have worked to source local ingredients and supplies from the local market. By sourcing local, we decrease the environmental impact of shipping our ingredients from distant places, and we get the benefit to know the companies we are buying from a lot more.

The Environment

In a world that needs our care and consideration, we are trying our best to provide and use products that are recyclable. Our cups, utensils, and boxes are all compostable or recyclable. We make our products from conscientious ingredients, that bring the food industry back to the kind, caring approach it once was.

Working at The Yummy Cookie

We aim to make working at The Yummy Cookie a positive, fun and pleasant experience. We value a positive attitude, great energy, and an optimistic outlook. If you would like to work for The Yummy Cookie, please click here.