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Sometimes tasty things come in squares, like our bars. Our bars are the best treat you can reward yourself with. We have created the ultimate recipes to give you the most yummy brownies and blondies that you will ever taste in your life. Everything from the texture to the divine flavor just contributes to the overall perfection of our bars.


You’ll know how fresh our bars are when you take a bite. We make our brownies out of the freshest ingredients and then bake them to the perfect texture.



Our brownies are mixed with rich dark cocoa and generously topped with semisweet chocolate. None of our brownies look exactly alike, because each topping is carefully sprinkled with semisweet chocolate and walnuts, by hand. This handcrafted approach and high quality premium ingredients used, help us create the best-tasting brownies.


Blonie x500

Our specialty vanilla dough is mixed with chocolate chips and baked into a bar that we call a blondie. You have no clue how tasty this is until you try it. We have blondies available with and without nuts.