The Story

We have worked on our cookies for years to make them into the perfection they are today. We aimed for the sweet spot that shows off the natural flavors of the star ingredients in each type of cookie. It has been a journey to find the best ingredients, while balancing the flavors. We love that our cookies each have a different flavor, without an overwhelming flavor of sugar. This is because we do not like to cover up our flavors with too much sweetness. We like to let the flavors of vanilla and chocolate shine through, because those are the flavors that make a cookie yummy. Once you taste a hot cookie, your life will be changed forever.

Cookies with a Purpose…

We make absolutely yummy cookies for you to enjoy, but there is more to our cookies than the awesome flavor! We are happy to make a change in the food industry by using all free-range eggs and butter. We are committed to make sure that we are part of a change that helps animals live a better, happier life. We love it when farmers go the extra mile to make sure their animals enjoy free space, fresh air, and the open sky. We are working our way towards using all organic ingredients, and we also love using NON-GMO. We try to keep things as close to nature as possible, while still making cookies that taste naturally yummy.


Cookie Top Croped We bake our cookies fresh multiple times throughout the day to ensure you get the freshest cookies out there. If you come into our cafes or kiosks, ask for a freshly baked cookie, it’s definitely worth the wait.


Classic Cookie


Classic Cookie Jumbo

Chocolate chip

In our famous chocolate chip cookie, every bite is mixed and topped with dark or white chocolate chips. Our dough has the perfect sweetness, with a hint of Madagascar vanilla. Definitely a pleasure!


Chocolate Supreme (Chocolate Chocolate)

Double Chocolate

These moist, rich cookies are a favorite of any chocolate lover. Mixed with dark cocoa and semisweet chocolate chips, surely to satisfy anyone who loves chocolate!


Oatmeal Cookie Jumbo

Oatmeal Raisin

A wholesome blend of oatmeal, cinnamon, plump raisins and walnuts. A beautiful cookie, with its pleasant cinnamon taste and crunchy walnuts. Great anytime of the day!


Snowy Midnight (Chocolate Crinkle)

The Crinkle

Mixed to perfection with dark cocoa and finished with vanilla confectioners sugar. Our Chocolate Crinkle is soft and moist on the inside, crunchy on the outside.


Chocolate Oaty (Chocolate Oat)

Chocolate Oat

This is the cousin to our Double Chocolate cookie but with whole oats added. This yummy cookie is a wonderful, wholesome choice.


Peanut Crunch

Peanut Butter Cookie

Mixed with an abundant amount of crunchy peanut butter, than hand pressed with the slightest hint of crunchy sugar on their tops. A dream cookie!